Solutions for technification, bioclimatic control, research and energetic efficiency.



Years of experience

About ACOM

Experience, humility, commitment, integrity, and leadership in sustainable innovation

From greenhouse equipment suppliers to experts in comprehensive solutions for the agricultural sector.

Agrocomponentes specializes in the technification, digitalization, and automation of greenhouses and livestock facilities.

Supporting research in our country through our division ACOM Lab.

Energy efficiency and renewable solutions compatible with any type of installation: discover ACOM Energies.


A world of solutions within your reach

We empower your greenhouse or livestock facility with cutting-edge solutions in bioclimatic control, digitalization, automation, efficiency, and state-of-the-art technology, to achieve maximum performance.

Bioclimatic control

Energetic efficiency


Building the perfect stage for your research

Research greenhouses, biomodules, animal
facilities, insectaries, aviaries, and more.

We design and build customized facilities for research. Our mission is to facilitate your quest for knowledge and scientific advancement by providing you with the perfect environment.

Research and Development

Our team works daily to develop cutting-edge solutions, combining efficiency, sustainability, technological excellence, and total control.

ACOM LAB was founded 20 years ago with the mission of being a trusted partner in technological development and innovation for universities, institutions, and businesses.

From research greenhouses for plant cultivation to animal facilities, insectaries, or aviaries where you can conduct your study under fully controlled conditions.

Our facilities offer exceptional biosafety levels so you can carry out your research following the most rigorous protocols.

ACOM Energies

Pioneering the way towards a sustainable future, with Green H2 as our flagship

The future is today, which is why we have joined forces with GKN to lead and be at the forefront of clean energy. As committed actors in the transformation of the sector, we work to improve competitiveness and sustainability, mitigating climate change and preserving the environment.

Therefore, in addition to our energy efficiency and renewable solutions, we have taken the step of betting on Green H2, which allows any facility to be 100% self-sufficient.

Our team

Combining knowledge and passion to drive innovation in the sector.

A highly skilled and diverse team, from technical staff to a team of engineers committed to designing and improving our projects to achieve outstanding results.

R&D&I Department

To find leading solutions in the field of greenhouse production, research facilities, and energy efficiency.

Testing greenhouse

It allows us to test new technologies and cultivation techniques to improve productivity and sustainability.


The ACOM laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment to carry out quality analysis and develop innovative solutions.


Innovation is fundamental at ACOM to offer sustainable and efficient solutions that meet the needs of its clients and the environment.

ISO Certifications

ISO certifications awarded to ACOM

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