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Energetic efficiency

Essential for achieving better results in a more sustainable and responsible manner.

Use of screens

Key tools for energy savings: thermal screens, shading screens, and photoperiod screens

Thermal screens, shading screens, and photoperiod screens are key tools for improving efficiency and energy savings in greenhouses due to their ability to control the internal greenhouse environment and reduce the need for additional energy to maintain optimal conditions for crop growth.

Thermal screens

Thermal screens minimize heat loss, reducing costs and improving efficiency in food production.

Shading screens

Shading screens reduce solar light entry and the need for additional cooling, saving energy.

Photoperiod screens

They are useful for controlling the photoperiod of plants and improving their growth, as well as regulating temperature and humidity.


An innovative cultivation technique that combines renewable energy and agriculture through photovoltaic cells.

Agrovoltaics is the combination of renewable energy with traditional agriculture. In simple terms, it involves installing solar panels in crop areas to generate clean energy while simultaneously using the space beneath the panels for crops.

Moreover, it can offer significant benefits both in terms of food production and energy. On one hand, solar panels provide renewable energy for operating agricultural equipment and greenhouse lighting, which can reduce energy costs and decrease carbon footprint.

On the other hand, the space beneath the panels can be used for cultivating agricultural crops, increasing food production and efficient land use.


New decentralized energy storage technology 100% sustainable

This refers to systems for decentralized energy generation with H2 storage, based on metal hydride technology and conversion to renewable electricity.

Official partners and distributors in the Iberian Peninsula of GKN Hydrogen.


Another renewable energy solution compatible with agriculture

Photovoltaic energy is a technology that converts sunlight directly into electricity using solar cells.

The generated energy can be used to power irrigation equipment, ventilation, lighting, and other electrical equipment necessary for cultivation.

Moreover, photovoltaic energy can reduce energy costs and dependency on fossil fuels in agriculture.

Solar thermal panels

Solar thermal energy technology for greenhouses and agriculture

Solar thermal panels

Thermo-solar panels, also known as solar thermal collectors, are devices that use solar energy to generate heat. They are also used in greenhouses and in the agricultural sector to provide heat and thermal energy. Any agricultural installation can make use of these panels for various processes, such as heating water used in irrigation or heating, which reduces energy costs and dependence on fossil fuels.

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