Innovating for a sustainable future

At the forefront of resource optimization, energy efficiency, renewables, and Green Hydrogen

Resource optimization and energy efficiency

Sustainability and environmental care through renewable energies

In ACOM, we have established the Green and Renewable Energies division to lead environmental care in all our operations. This division focuses on using renewable energies in the agricultural, livestock, and research and development sectors.

At ACOM, we understand that sustainability is a key pillar for the long-term success of any company. That’s why we are committed to employing sustainable practices in all our operations. With the creation of Green and Renewable Energies, we are paving the way for environmental care in our sector, and we are proud to do our part in protecting our planet.

Energetic efficiency

Vital in greenhouses, livestock farming, and research centers. It entails cost reduction, increased productivity, quality, and competitiveness.


An innovative farming technique that combines renewable energy and agriculture through photovoltaic cells

Combining renewable energy with traditional agriculture. Simply put, it involves installing solar panels in crop areas to generate clean energy while utilizing the space beneath the panels for crops.

Moreover, it can offer significant benefits both in terms of food production and energy. On one hand, solar panels provide renewable energy for operating agricultural equipment and greenhouse lighting, which can reduce energy costs and decrease carbon footprint.

On the other hand, the space beneath the panels can be used for cultivating agricultural crops, thereby increasing food production and efficient land use.


New decentralized energy storage technology
100% sustainable

It is about systems for decentralized energy generation with H2 storage, based on metal hydride technology and conversion to renewable electricity.

Official partners and distributors in the Iberian Peninsula of GKN Hydrogen.

The Importance of the Environment

The ACOM Green and Renewable Energies team works daily to provide the most appropriate solutions for the care and development of our planet.

A safe, clean, and sustainable choice for any type of energy need.

At ACOM, we never stop searching for the best clean and sustainable energy solutions. That’s why we’ve partnered with GKN Hydrogen, a leading international company in Green Hydrogen storage.

When renewable sources produce energy, it’s stored as hydrogen using metal hydride technology, which doesn’t emit harmful emissions to the environment. Solid-state hydrogen storage is completely safe, and its conversion into decentralized energy means it has a wide range of applications: charging stations, industry, energy supply for public facilities, or remote areas, among many others.

The future is now, and taking care of our planet is everyone’s responsibility. With Green Hydrogen, we’re investing in sustainability, decarbonization, and environmental respect.

Together, towards a greener future!


The renewable energy solution compatible with any type of installation

Photovoltaic energy is a technology that directly converts sunlight into electricity using solar cells.

The generated energy can be used to power irrigation equipment, ventilation systems, lighting, and other electrical devices.

Furthermore, photovoltaic energy can reduce energy costs and dependence on fossil fuels in agriculture, livestock farming, and research.

Thermo-solar panels

Solar thermal energy technology for your installation

Thermo-solar panels

Solar thermal panels, also known as thermal solar collectors, are devices that use solar energy to generate heat. They are also used in greenhouses, livestock facilities, and research biomodules to provide heat and thermal energy. These panels can be used to heat water used in irrigation and heating, reducing energy costs and dependence on fossil fuels.

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