ACOM: Innovation and Commitment in Sustainable Agricultural Transformation

Exploring the legacy of Agrocomponents and its evolution towards comprehensive solutions, spanning agriculture, scientific research, and renewable energies.

ACOM, a prominent company in agricultural solutions, was founded by José Albaladejo Alarcón in 1994 in Murcia, Spain. Initially focused on optimizing agricultural processes, it has evolved, expanding internationally to Mexico and Turkey. The establishment of ACOM LAB marked a milestone by offering specialized services for scientific research. ACOM also addresses energy challenges through its Green and Renewable Energies division, focusing on energy optimization and clean technologies. Committed to excellence, ACOM continues to innovate to provide comprehensive and personalized solutions, driving the transformation towards a more technified, digital, and sustainable world.

Together, towards the future!


Customer commitment, integrity, sustainability, expertise, continuous improvement, innovation, and humility.


To provide innovative and sustainable solutions to agriculture and livestock, as well as renewable energies, being a reliable partner to enhance efficiency, productivity, and well-being.


Committed to social responsibility, equal opportunities, and diversity, with an Equality Plan in place. Additionally, we calculate our carbon footprint and work to reduce our environmental impact.

Our Partners

Specialized institutes and universities throughout the country actively collaborate with our ACOM LAB, ACOM GREEN AND RENEWABLE ENERGIES, and AGROCOMPONENTS departments.


At ACOM, we are committed to providing assistance at every step of the process to our clients. Our focus is to accompany them from the beginning to the completion of their projects, ensuring they receive the support and guidance needed at each stage.

From conception to implementation and beyond, our expert team is ready to provide customized solutions and specialized advice.

Our mission is to ensure the success and satisfaction of our clients in all their endeavors, offering a close and reliable collaboration experience to achieve optimal results.

Quality Control Department

Ensuring excellence, committed to rigorous supervision and continuous improvement of our products and services.

The quality department is responsible for supervising all processes, practices, and actions to ensure that the product or service reaches the customer with the best quality. It manages any incidents that occur or may occur, thus achieving continuous improvement, and verifies that the objectives set are met within the planned deadlines and with the allocated resources.

All incidents are recorded to be addressed by our quality control team. If you have any problems and wish to report an issue, you can write to

ISO Certifications

ISO certifications awarded to ACOM

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