Building the future of research

A country without research is a country without development. That’s why we offer you the best solutions to carry out your research projects successfully.


At the forefront of research facilities

They are facilities used for plant cultivation or the study of animals and insects, among other things, under specific working conditions. Researchers can precisely control the required conditions for their study and modify parameters as needed for the research.

These facilities offer various types of structures (research greenhouses, animal facilities, insectaries, etc.) and enclosures (glass, polycarbonate, mesh, plastic, or fabrics). Enclosures are a fundamental part of any research module as they largely determine the environment inside.

These structures meet the highest standards of requirements in the research sector, allowing us to comply with different levels of biological containment (NB-1, NB-2, and NB-3) according to current regulations.

Bioclimatic control

Having a controlled environment is crucial to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results of any research.

Energetic efficiency

Essential to achieve a balance between scientific progress, environmental sustainability, and resource optimization.


Our experience and know-how in livestock facilities allow us to successfully extrapolate our knowledge to the research sector.

The solutions we provide at ACOM can be extrapolated to those we offer at ACOM Lab in a more precise and delimited manner to contribute to your research.


We create the ideal environment for the growth of plants and living organisms

Plant growth chambers control the environment for the growth of plants and living organisms. They regulate temperature, humidity, lighting, and gas concentration. They are used in scientific research and commercial production for optimal growth and high-quality product yield.


Passion for research and the care of living beings

Aviaries, animal facilities, and insectaries are installations used in the research sector for breeding and maintaining birds, animals, and insects respectively.

Aviaries are installations used for breeding and maintaining birds such as birds, pigeons, hawks, among others. These installations usually have areas for feeding, water, nesting, and flight, all in a controlled environment.

Animal facilities, on the other hand, are installations for breeding and maintaining laboratory animals with suitable environments and environmental enrichment for animal welfare.

Insectaries, in turn, consist of installations for breeding and maintaining insects in a controlled environment to ensure their survival.

In the research sector, these facilities are used to evaluate animal species and their aspects. They are important in medical research, drug evaluation, and areas such as ecology and biology.

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